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President's Message
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Heather Wyant, AEA President

It is both an honor and a joy to be your American Escrow Association President for 2019-2020. I want to tell you a little bit about the women in leadership, their influence in my career, and how I got to this place in AEA...All about being a part of something bigger!

Several years ago, in a land far away, in the state of Nebraska, I attended my first Planning Retreat as the AEA Director for the Great State of Arizona. There I met a fabulous lady who has become my friend, my mentor, and a person that I can always count on - no matter what. One evening she said to me, “I see a President sitting right here.” I laughed thinking I’m just getting started with being a part of something bigger. I am not sure where this path is going to take me. Little did I know, Ann Dunham, Past President, you were right!

But let’s start at the beginning. When I first moved to Arizona, I attended my first Arizona State Escrow Association Conference in 2008, where my manager, Ms. Mary Lou Paulk was installing my dearest friend as the State President. During the installation Mary Lou asked if there was anyone who would like to be a Director to please raise your hand. The next voice I heard was the newly installed President asking me to raise my hand. It took no thought, for I had complete trust in Miss Carlye Buxton - thank you for asking the question. I would gladly raise my hand for you any day!

I had the pleasure of working very closely with a woman who always had an opinion that whatever knowledge she had in her little pea brain was eminent domain, and who believed the higher up the ladder you go, the bigger service you need to be to the people. Pat Baldwin showed me what it means to have passion for this Association, what it means to be involved in something bigger, to have a voice and to use that voice to be heard. She loved being a part of AEA, of coming to conference each year to see all of you, and believed in the strength of AEA.

My theme for the coming year is BE THE CAPTAIN OF YOUR HORIZON. Whatever your Horizon is or whatever it looks like, Be the Captain! Sail with Purpose! AEA is your Anchor! Stay the Course! Use the Stars as your guide! Take charge of your career, take pride in your work, perfect your craft, but above all, believe in YOU! YOU ARE OUR FUTURE! Be anchored in what you believe. AEA will be here to keep you grounded. We all need to be the wind in each other’s sails! To be encouraging, to be kind, to be inspiring, and to always be in support one another.

What an anchor is to a ship
Hope is to the soul
Both ships and souls are kept safe
By a firm secure anchor
That keeps holding
Despite turbulent winds and churning tides
-June Hunt
Behind every success is effort
Behind every effort is passion
Behind every passion is someone
With the courage to try
-Arthur B. McDonald

There have been many other people who have influenced me on my journey. To mention all of them would most likely take the remainder of the day, but needless to say, I appreciate each and every one of them. The confidence, trust, and faith that they have instilled in me: a foundation to build on.

Thank you for being members, for using your voices, for casting your votes, and for choosing me as your President. For this, is MY HORIZON!

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor; Life’s storms proves the strength of our anchor. Our Anchor is in AEA; and I refuse to sink!


Heather Wyant

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