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Governance, Goals and History
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Five Year Resolution 

Pursuant to the American Escrow Association (hereinafter referred to as THE ASSOCIATION) current Bylaws and Policies and Procedures, referenced in particular to Bylaw Article VII, Section 2 Standing Committees and Functions, Subparagraph H,  Government Affairs Committee states: “The Government Affairs Committee shall monitor and coordinate legislative, regulatory, and court efforts pursuant to the purposes of THE ASSOCIATION as set forth in Article I, Section 2, of these Bylaws” and to the Policies and Procedures Article VIII Job Descriptions Standing Committees, Section J Government Affairs, Subparagraph 1, to: “Discuss, research, and develop various platforms to achieve the goal of making the ASSOCIATION a viable entity in Washington, D.C”.; and

WHEREAS, the Government Affairs Committee has taken a proactive stance in seeking and creating alliances and affiliations with industry-related national trade associations and organizations in an effort to increase the visibility of THE ASSOCIATION, the escrow/settlement industry, and AEA’s membership, as well as increased recognition of THE ASSOCIATION as a viable entity in Washington D.C.; and

WHEREAS, the Government Affairs Committee has developed, strengthened, and maintained working relationships and/or alliances with the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), the National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB), the Real Estate Services Providers Council (RESPRO), the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the American Land Title Association (ALTA), the Property Records Industry Association (PRIA), and the Property Records Education Partners (PREP). Affiliations with Governmental entities have also been established. Additional coalitions may be developed from time to time and these will be reviewed along the guidelines herein defined.

WHEREAS, as a result of these efforts, THE ASSOCIATION is an active participant in various initiatives and now is the opportunity to reach out and partner specifically with CFPB on “Enhancing the Closing Experience for the Consumer.”  Other initiatives include Uniform Closing Instructions, timely delivery of loan closing documents to the escrow/settlement agent, and others, such as the Realtors®, lenders, mortgage brokers, and county clerk/recorder trade associations, all of which bring great benefit to the escrow/settlement industry and THE ASSOCIATION membership; and

WHEREAS, pursuant to THE ASSOCIATION Bylaws and Policies and Procedures, reference in particular Bylaw Article VII, Section 2 Standing Committees and Functions, Subparagraph I, Membership Committee, the Committee is charged as follows: “The Membership Committee shall promote and solicit new members for THE ASSOCIATION, review all applications for membership, and submit a recommendation to THE BOARD at its next convened meeting.”

WHEREAS, the above initiatives require an ongoing focus and continuity among those who strive for their implementation, and they are consistent with THE ASSOCIATION’s Bylaws and Policies and Procedures, the 2014-2015 Board of Directors does agree as follows:


  1. The efforts of the Government Affairs Committee and THE BOARD shall be focused on:
    • Working with the CFPB in an effort to “Enhance the Closing Experience for the Consumer”, offering and assisting with the education for the bureau in matters relating to the settlement desk and the consumer; providing fact patterns and such other issues as may arise from their regulations as they are developed.
    • Timely delivery of loan closing documents
    • Uniform Closing Instructions
    • RESPA regulation Z
    • Continuing education of allied industries, associations, and organizations
    • Providing to the membership up-to-date information through email, eBlast, webinars, Webinars-on-Demand, conference education, or by whatever means deemed necessary.
  2. The efforts of the Membership Committee and THE BOARD shall be focused on:
    • Increasing membership nation-wide with a goal of membership in every state
    • Identifying key states to target and work to find contacts
    • Invite them to educational webinars, conferences and/or special meetings in their area
    • Follow up with them personally and stay in touch with them when they show interest
    • Send Membership Flyer
    • When there is interest, help them to form a state association
    • Assist member states to grow their membership by providing the continuation and addition of timely, value-added programs and education.
    • Review Bylaws and Policies and Procedures to see if the membership direction needs to be changed to meet the 21st century settlement professional.
  3. The efforts of THE BOARD, in general, shall be focused on:
    • Maintaining fiscal responsibility in order to ensure THE ASSOCIATION is able to reach its goals
    • Planning for the future of THE ASSOCIATION to ensure funds will be available to remain an active participant in the initiatives chosen by THE BOARD
    • Reporting to the membership THE ASSOCIATION’s activities so they are kept appraised
    • Providing excellence in educational opportunities to increase the competence and professionalism of AEA members through webinars, publications, and conference programs
  4. Each incoming President shall be apprised of the above efforts and goals of THE ASSOCIATION, and understands that continuity must be preserved in working toward both our Washington D.C. activities and initiatives as well as increasing our membership.  Therefore, the President shall direct the major goals of all other Standing, Sub, Special, and/or Ad Hoc Committees be consistent with and support the above efforts.
  5. In order to enhance the efforts and goals of THE ASSOCIATION as set forth above, an incoming President may appoint a Special and/or Ad Hoc Committee, consisting of current board members, Past Presidents, and/or non-board members, who may be actively involved in similar efforts in a member state escrow association or a related association provided the majority of said committee consist of current AEA board members.
  6. At the Planning Retreat each year, the President, Government Affairs Chair, Membership Chair, and the Long Range Planning Chair shall review this Resolution to insure their individual goals are in line with the goals as set forth above.  They should also review to see if new coalitions have been formed or new initiatives need to be added so the Resolution remains current.  They should report their findings to THE BOARD.  If the Resolution needs to be modified, THE BOARD must vote to approve; otherwise, the Resolution will remain in force.
  7. Each incoming Board of Directors shall be apprised of the above efforts and goals and, understand that continuity must be preserved when working toward both Washington D.C. activities and initiatives as well as increasing our membership.
  8. THE BOARD shall adopt this Resolution and adhere to and advance the efforts and goals stated herein in all areas of the business of THE ASSOCIATION, and once approved, shall be placed on THE ASSOCIATION website so the Members may review it at any time.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED for the years 2014-2015, 2015-2016, 2016-2017, 2017-2018, and 2018-2019:

 Dated this 16th day of August, 2014.



The American Escrow Association was formed in May 1980, with five states: Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.  In 1982, New Mexico joined and in 1983 Colorado became a member.  Idaho became the eighth member state in 1984, followed by Hawaii and Montana in 1987, Alaska in 1991, and Nebraska in 1993.

The purpose of the American Escrow Association is embodied in the Bylaws of the Association:  “The specific and primary purposes are to enhance the education of the escrow/settlement professional, to improve escrow and closing services, to disseminate information as to the differences in such services between the states; to promote more uniformity in such services, to increase the public knowledge and understanding of such services; and to collaborate and coordinate legislative efforts throughout these United States.”

The Board of Directors consists of the President, President-Elect, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Third Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President, and one Director from each state.

The annual conference is held in May.  The inaugural organizational meeting was held in San Mateo, California (1980).  Thereafter conferences were held in:

1981 – Las Vegas, Nevada 1982 – Phoenix, Arizona 1983 – Reno, Nevada
1984 – San Diego, California 1985 – Portland, Oregon 1986 – Seattle, Washington
1987 – Sparks, Nevada 1988 – Tucson, Arizona 1989 – Colorado Springs, Colorado
1990 – Las Vegas, Nevada 1991 – Reno, Nevada 1992 – Eugene, Oregon
1993 – Seattle, Washington 1994 – Anchorage, Alaska 1995 – Sparks, Nevada
1996 – San Francisco, California 1997 – Colorado Springs, Colorado 1998 – Tucson, Arizona
1999 – Portland, Oregon 2000 – Seattle, Washington 2001 – Long Beach, California
2002 – Reno, Nevada 2003 – Anchorage, Alaska 2004 – Kona, Hawaii
2005 – Omaha, Nebraska 2006 – Sparks, Nevada 2007 – Sparks, Nevada
2008 – Washington D.C. 2009 – Sparks, Nevada 2010 – Seattle, Washington
2011 – Las Vegas, Nevada 2012 – Las Vegas, Nevada 2013 – Las Vegas, Nevada
2014 - Denver, Colorado    2015 - Albuquerque, New Mexico
    2016 - Tempe, Arizona
2017 - Bellevue, Washington   2018 - Kansas City, Missouri     2019 - Long Beach, California 

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